Case study

Wineshop’s branding

Wine shop one page website design mockup

Project overview


Website Designer 
Graphic Designer


Jan 2020 – Oct 2022
(long-term cooperation)


Petra Balounová



Client, Challenge & Solution

Who is the client

Petra is the owner of a small wine shop, located in Brandýs nad Labem near to Prague in the Czech Republic. Petra took over the place after her mum, who retired. The wine shop was a well-established, friendly business where local people liked to go to buy wine. After Petra took over the wine shop, she wanted to modernize the visual presentation of the wine shop. That’s when we met and started working on making her ideas come true.


The only way the wine shop was used for communication was a Facebook page, where the owner was getting good engagement. There had never been any other online presence. At the same time, the owner wanted just a very simple website, ideally one-page “just to be there if someone is looking for us”.

For graphic design materials, all assets had been created randomly, with no intention to be consistent and build a brand. 


I created a simple set of branding elements that I was going to use in all deliverables. I created a one-page website and set of printables, such as business cards, leaflets, a rollup, a banner, and other presentation materials that started to build the brand. 

Available assets

What I considered

Before getting into setting visual design, I examined the assets that I has available. That was the logo and the shop itself. 

Logo wine shop

Logo of the wine shop

Wine shop outdoor view

Logo of the wine shop

Visual design

Typography and colors

Typography was chosen based on the current assets. I analyzed the interior of the wine shop and the outdoor sign to determine which fonts would be the best match in terms of consistency.

Colors were chosen in accordance with the logo, the outdoor sign on the shop, and the idea of viticulture, and gastronomy.

Roboto for headings


Open Sans for body text







Recognition element

So that customers can easily and quickly get to know this particular wine store, I added a clothing element that will appear on all presentation materials of the wine store. This element is a wine splash circle (application see below)


One-page concept

I created a one-page website with very basic information about the wine shop, including the goods they sell, opening hours, FB feed, and contact details. Mobile version was opimized. 

Wine shop website laptop mockup

Mockup of the final design of the wine shop one-page website

Graphic design


I created a variety of graphic designs, including business cards, leaflets, a rollup, a poster, gift cards, and tickets. All the assets have the recognition element, which helps customers indentify the wine shop easily. 

Business cards for wine shop

Two-sided business cards with a reward system

Leaflets for the wine shop A5

Leaflets for the wine shop, format A5

Rollup for the wine shop

Rollup for the wine shop

Ticket with raffles for wine shop

Tickets with raffle numbers for the wine shop

Poster A3 wine shop

Poster for the wine shop, format A3

What does the client say

“Thank you very much for the kind approach and modern design of the website, and professional services as well as for the really good business cards tuned to the last detail, very good flyers, and other materials for our presentation. Thank you so very much!”

Petra Balounová, owner

What did I learn


This project was my first branding project, in which I had to make sure that all the designs I created were consistent. That might have been sometimes difficult, as the set of graphics was not created at once but during a longer period of time. 

Graphic design

There were some designs that I created for the first time, such as rollups or tickets for an event with a raffle number. To make sure the designs were of good quality, I consulted some of them with a more experienced graphic designer to ensure the output was ready for print. 

Next steps

What I recommend to do in the future

Revise the website

In about a year’s time, revise the content of the website, add more sections if needed and revise some UI elements. 

Brand manual

To ensure consistency within the graphic design, create a brand manual so that any designer can continue the work on more graphics if needed.