Hi there! I’m Petra

UX/UI Designer Petra Kennedy working

I work as a Product & UX/UI designer creating thoughtful experiences at the intersection of design, business, development and marketing.

Having 8+ years of experience in IT and marketing and nearly 4 years in design, I deliver deliberate, comprehensive solutions to UX/UI problems and website projects, from small to 150+ page websites and e-commerce stores. I am currently fully loaded with exciting projects and am not accepting offers for long-term cooperation. 

Wide variety of Skills for Projects of any Scope

I’m comfortable managing the whole project as well as working at any stage of the design process within a team, from performing analysis, conducting research, and ideating, to prototyping journeys, crafting UIs, and delivering the final product.


I find solutions that work long-term and are aligned with the business goals for the best performance, value and desirability of the product or service.

UX/UI Design

I follow acknowledged design processes and have a user-first approach. I design with users in mind and test with real users of the product or service while crafting an attractive user interface.

Website design

I cover the entire project management and design processes for new websites and redesigns with a focus on users, data-driven design and business results.


I endevour to design for all users, making sure that the product is intuitive, easy to use, and safe, no matter the devices, skills, or abilities they have.

Courses & Achievements

Interaction Design Foundation


Emotional Design — How to Make Products People Will Love

User Research – Methods and Best Practices

Human-Computer Interaction: The Foundations of UX Design

Journey Mapping

Creativity: Methods to Design Better Products and Services

Agile Methods for UX Design

Accessibility: How to Design for All

Get Your Product Used: Adoption and Appropriation

Design for 21st Century with Don Norman


How To Communicate With Typography

Going from UX to Service Design 

How to Remove Bias From Your Products 

Beyong Interfaces: The UI Design Skills You Need To Know

Evaluating You UX Maturity: Limits and Opportunities

How To Deal With People Who Don’t Get Design

Top 10 things Designers Need to Know About People



Product Designer I

UX/UI Designer I


Design Terminology

Common Design Patterns

Design Composition

UI Components I

Design Accessibility

UX Writing

UX Research

Color psychology



Verified Designer (Top 5%)

Landing Pages (Top 5%)

Attention to Detail (Top 10%)

Color (Top 10%)

Accessibility (Top 15%)

Visual Design (Top 15%)

Typography (Top 15%)

Principles od Design (Top 15%)

Interaction Design (Top 30%)

Research (Top 30%)

UX Writing (Top 30%)

Design Patterns (Top 30%)

Leadership (Top 30%)

Wireframing (Top 30%)


Google UX Design Professional Certificate 

California Institute of Art

Graphic Design Specialization

School of Business Administration in Karvina

Marketing and Management
Master’s Degree