Hi there! I’m Petra

UX/UI Designer Petra Kennedy working

I work as a Product & UX/UI designer creating thoughtful experiences at the intersection of design, business, development and marketing.

Having 7+ years of experience in IT and marketing and 3+ years in design, I deliver deliberate, comprehensive solutions to UX/UI problems and WordPress projects, from small to 150+ page websites and e-commerce stores. Currently working as a freelancer, I am open to considering long-term contracts or full-time jobs in UX/UI, Product Design, and Digital Marketing.

Wide variety of Skills for Projects of any Scope

I’m comfortable managing the whole project as well as working at any stage of the design process within a team, from performing analysis, conducting research, and ideating, to prototyping journeys, crafting UIs, and delivering the final product.


I find solutions that work long-term and are aligned with the business goals for the best performance, value and desirability of the product or service.

UX/UI Design

I follow acknowledged design processes and have a user-first approach. I design with users in mind and test with real users of the product or service while crafting an attractive user interface.

WP Development

I cover the entire project management and design processes for new websites and redesigns in the CMS WordPress, together with a team of specialists.


I endevour to design for all users, making sure that the product is intuitive, easy to use, and safe, no matter the devices, skills, or abilities they have.

Courses & Achievements

Interaction Design Foundation


Emotional Design — How to Make Products People Will Love

User Research – Methods and Best Practices

Human-Computer Interaction: The Foundations of UX Design

Journey Mapping

Creativity: Methods to Design Better Products and Services

Agile Methods for UX Design

Accessibility: How to Design for All

Get Your Product Used: Adoption and Appropriation

Design for 21st Century with Don Norman


How To Communicate With Typography

Going from UX to Service Design 

How to Remove Bias From Your Products 

Beyong Interfaces: The UI Design Skills You Need To Know

Evaluating You UX Maturity: Limits and Opportunities

How To Deal With People Who Don’t Get Design

Top 10 things Designers Need to Know About People



Product Designer I

UX/UI Designer I


Design Terminology

Common Design Patterns

UI Components I

Design Accessibility

UX Writing

UX Research

Color psychology



Verified Designer (Top 5%)

Attention to Detail (Top 10%)

Landing Pages (Top 10%)

Accessibility (Top 15%)

Visual Design (Top 15%)

Typography (Top 15%)

Principles od Design (Top 30%)

Interaction Design (Top 30%)

Research (Top 30%)

Color (Top 30%)

UX Writing (Top 30%)

Design Patterns (Top 30%)


Google UX Design Professional Certificate 

California Institute of Art

Graphic Design Specialization

School of Business Administration in Karvina

Marketing and Management
Master’s Degree