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Redesign Strategy: 1st on Google within 3 months

Website redesign

Project Overview


Product Designer
UX Designer
Data Analyst


Oct 2022 – April 2023




Google Analytics

Client, Challenge & Solution

Who is the client

GRIEGER CZ s.r.o. are an established construction company from Sukorady in the Mlada Boleslav area, with their main focus being to provide high-quality services. As part of their comprehensive offering, including renovations and landscaping they also sell windows, doors, aluminium pergolas and shading technology products. These are exceptional products from the best manufacturers in the market. The result is unrivaled quality, long lifespan, fast delivery and happy customers who love to come back.

The Problem

The client approached me last year with a request to redesign a website that did not meet customer expectations, did not contain the entire product range and had several technical errors that significantly reduced the quality of the user experience. The website generated minimal inquiries and appeared on 5th+ Google page for any searches, even using keywords. In addition, the graphic design of the website was not in harmony with that used by marketing materials and thus did not support the perception of the brand and its identification.

Vizualizace webu k redesignu

Samples of pages of the original website to be redesigned

The Challenge

The client’s main requirement was to launch the website soon, include the full portfolio of products, and optimize the website for search engines. The client did not wish to spend on additional advertising, so was relying on the redesigned website to drive interest and conversions, particulary for organic searches. All of this was supposed to work from the very start of the launch. It sounded like a great challenge to me, so I rolled up my sleeves and got to work.


I proposed a timeframe for completing the website redesign, with an initial publication of an MVP version, to which additional content would be added gradually, with the understanding that it will be continuously tested and optimized according to results in search engines, user satisfaction and benefits for the business in the form of acquisition of contacts, a long-term solution with no further significant investments and enhanced brand perception.

The result of the gradual building of the website was continuous indexing in search engines, within three months after launch the first position in Google Search results for the main keywords and now a continuously increasing number of inquiries.

The Research

Competitors Analysis

I performed a framework analysis of the competition with a focus on UX and success in search engines. The analysis included a comparison of 6 competitors from the same or similar fields, operating in the same area of the country. The focus of my interest were mainly on first impressions, interaction, website visuals, content and SEO.

Competitors analysis

Competitors analysis for the new project (blurred to respect the client)

User interviews

After the competitors’ audit, I conducted user interviews focusing on the problem space. The goal was to understand people who request construction services and specifically windows, doors or other products from the portfolio, identify pain points, concerns and find out the factors according to which they decide when choosing a supplier for these potentially expensive investments.

The outcome of the user interviews was a clear summary of the main insights from them, which I processed in an understandable way for the client and with proposed solutions for further discussion. The main areas to highlight were:

What work do they request

In which phase do they request a supplier

How do they look for a supplier

What puts them off in general

What makes them excited in general

What kind of information do they look for on a website

What are the decision points for choosing a supplier

Basic Keyword Analysis

I carried out a basic keyword analysis to find out the demand in the field of construction services and the distribution of windows of various materials and other products, such as doors, garage doors, shading technology and others. The goal of the analysis was to find keywords that are competitive and at the same time relevant to the client’s business and the geographic area in which the client operates.

The Preparation

Information Architecture

I went through the complete portfolio of products and all the suppliers. Based on the information about the content of the website, I prepared a proposal for navigation and information architecture (navigation, landing pages, category pages and product pages).

The Concept of Content

To create the content concept, I went through in detail all the product information that were or could potentially be available for the creation of content so as to have them uniform, consistent and easy to understand. I designed the wireframes based on this available information, and it ensured a smooth progress for the work.


Based on the information architecture, in particular the distribution of information on individual pages, I created a simple low-fidelity wireframe for the main pages and categories. Wireframe was created from master components.

Basic pages wireframes

Lo-fi digital wireframes, basic pages

The Website Design

Style Guide

The client is an established company that already uses promotional materials and has a well-developed visual style. In order to maintain uniformity and support the perception and identification of the brand, I created a basic design for the colors and typography used on the website.

Style guide

Basic style guide for color and typography usage on the website

Final website

The website was launched gradually over the course of several months. The resulting design reflects the wireframes and the implementation of the style guide. The website consists of 60+ pages and will be further extended in the future, based on the business’ needs and new product offerings.

Screenshots of redesigned pages

Example pages based on wireframe 

Website performance

Technical health – Core Web Vitals

For both desktop and mobile views, Core Web Vitals show excellent results, which support both good user experience and search engine results.

OS desktop CWV

Results from Page Speed for desktop on the website

OS mobile CWV

Results from Page Speed for mobile on the website

Positions in Search Engines – Google

For the main keywords, the website is now in the first positions in Google Search results. The website also appears on the first page of Google Search results for selected other keywords. There are no Google Ads campaigns running for these Search Results because, as previously mentioned, the client wanted the sites’ own content and keywords to be the main factors.

Google results for key words
6th position for OKNA MLADÁ BOLESLAV

Graphic Design

The addition of the website was the processing of some graphic materials for offline promotion. I created a double-sided flyer, a fence banner and a billboard. In cooperation with an another graphic designer, we created a 250+ page catalog for shading technology products.

Two sided leaflet

Final design of a two-sided leaflet


250+ page catalog design

Bllboard design

Billboard design, reflecting an obstacle in the visual field

Banner design

Banner – a tarpaulin on the fence as an advertisement



Compared to the original website, the current website is powerful, informative and in line with the client’s brand. It generates demand and appears in the leading positions in search results. I consider the project very successful because it is commercially viable and its UX is incomparably better than the original website.

What I learned

This project was quite demanding in terms of preparation and choosing the right strategy for implementation, which was made all the more complicated by the fact that the website was published gradually. Thanks to good organization, communication with the client, and continuous execution of the planned goals, I managed to meet the requirements and I am happy that the website meets the specifications and the expected performance.

Next steps

What I recommend to do in the future

Usability test

I recommend testing the site with users to ensure usability after implementing more significant iterations or content additions.

Website extension

Supplement the website with additional content that will help ensure an even greater user experience and familiarise potential customer to renovations and product installations.

Continuous performance evaluation

Regularly review the site’s performance in the context of the client’s needs.

Design of other promotional materials

Support the position of the company and the brand on the market with other marketing activities and materials, e.g. offline.